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Monday, May 26, 2008

Let It Run Its Course

I found this video on Henry's Web:

Even as I found it amusing, I am thinking that it is not wise for the Dems to alienate Hillary's supporters. They will be needed if the Dems want to defeat the Republicans this Fall. While it is doubtful that Hillary supporters will vote for the Republican candidate, they could decide not to vote at all or vote for a third party candidate. In any case, that would not be good for Obama.

In my opinion, I think the race for the Democratic nomination should run its course, with Hillary in the race until she decides it is over. Neither Obama nor his supporters should fret about that. It won't hurt the party to have a race that runs right up to and through the convention. It will hurt the party, however, if a significant faction feels it was silenced or shamed into quitting before its time.