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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Marry Me, Janie

Here is a statement by Rev. Jane Spahr regarding the decision. It was an odd decision. She was found not guilty of marrying these same-sex couples because same-sex couples cannot get married. Even though, Janie called them as equal as equal can be--they are marriages!--well says the PJC, they are not. So Janie is innocent, though I wonder if she would have rather been found guilty?

Who can help me with this one:
what about where these marriages are legal, such as Massachusetts? Has a PC(USA) minister done a wedding for a gay couple in Massachusetts and signed the license? This has had to have happened by now. Or would it still be a non-issue as far as the PC(USA) is concerned since the PC(USA) hasn't figured out that same-sex couples can get married yet?

In other words, if Janie had signed a marriage license would the PJC have rendered the same decision?