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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Front Page of the JC Press!

Rex Barber of the Johnson City Press wrote a great article about PFLAG Tri-Cities. It is on the front page of today's paper. You can read the article on-line, Gay, lesbian advocacy group launches Tri-Cities chapter. E-mail it to a friend! He also included information about our first meeting, Thursday April 17th at 7 pm, #503 Warf-Pickel at ETSU.

He also included our blog address, e-mail contact, and our new website,

One piece of information that may be helpful is our mailing address. This is where folks can support the work of PFLAG Tri-Cities financially. We are all about support, education, and advocacy.

You can mail a tax-deductible donation to:

PFLAG Tri-Cities
P.O. Box 42
Mountain Home, TN 37684