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Monday, March 31, 2008

Speaking of Big Gay Weddings

Fran and Dr. Monkey are blog friends with these super people who had a big commitment ceremony over the weekend. I mean huge. Over 500 people. And the media! It was at Penn State and State College Mayor, Bill Welch, presided over the deal.

Of course it wouldn't be a big, fun, gay wedding if the Christians weren't around.

It inspired the Pennsylvania Family Values Coalition, a conservative Christian group, to hold a counter rally afterward.

The only opposition came from Orthodox Christian Fellowship, a Penn State student group that lined the HUB entrance, sang softly,

and held plaques depicting Jesus.

A few dozen people celebrated family values and traditional marriage in front of the Old Main steps....“This isn’t a protest,” said Gordon Hampton, a Faith Baptist member videotaping the rally.

“It’s really to stand up for God.”

Despite the true Christian spirit of those well-wishers, the commitment ceremony for the two gay and two lesbian couples concluded with a standing ovation.

Congrats Delia and Kat!