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Monday, March 17, 2008

Spank Them!

Shenandoah Presbytery is presenting a conference for women entitled: HerStory: Women Who Testify, Proclaiming the Gospel in Our Own Voice.

The Keynoter is Anna Carter Florence of Columbia Theological Seminary.

A number of excellent workshops will be presented including exploring the feminine face of God, spirituality and aging, and peacemaking in Iraq.

Looks like a great conference. If women in your congregation haven't heard of this yet, you might let them know about it. Thanks to the Office of Women's Advocacy for promoting it.

Woops. Wait. What was that? Hey look who's here!

It's the Voices of Orthodox Women!

HerStory. Well isn't that special. Especially if you are a witch!! It is a conference of "false words and false deities...filled with problematic theology..." celebrating the crone, the goddess, and the radical feminists. Those hussies! Spank them. Spank the Office of Women's Advocacy for promoting this! We need to spank them and spank them quickly so they will turn into godly biblical women like me.