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Monday, March 31, 2008

My Big Fat Gay Wedding

Rev. Jane Spahr is going to church court on April 25th.

This is the final appeal in front of the PC(USA)'s equivalent of the Supreme Court, the
Permanent Judicial Commission of the General Assembly.

Here is the article in the Presbyterian News Service.

Janie did the dastardly deed of performing weddings for two lesbian couples.

How did she end up getting taken to court in the first place?

Oh, here it is:

The charges against her were sparked by an inquiry from the Rev. James Berkley, a member of Seattle Presbytery who is currently director of Presbyterian Action, an arm of the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

Janie is a gem. Win or lose she knows who is really on trial. In her words:

“My sadness is that I feel I am not on trial but the church that raised so many of us to live loving and caring lives is on trial,” Spahr told the Presbyterian News Service in a written statement. “The church is on trial for forgetting and wrongly judging its very own children — the church which raised us to love.”

Hallelujah, sister.