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Monday, March 24, 2008

Is the LayMAN anti-Bunny?

I should say "Hi" to my LayMAN friends.

The LayMAN posted a letter this morning referencing me.

Here is a portion of it:

For me, the literal, physical Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the bottom line. If you believe that it is true, you may be a Christian; if you don't, you're not. Belief in a "spiritual" resurrection won't do. "Resurrection" by definition is physical, and a "spiritual" resurrection falls short of the apostolic kerygma.

To say, "Anyhow, even though we can't take the Resurrection story as literal truth, Jesus lives in my heart," is equally inadequate. You may as well say the Easter Bunny lives in your heart. Without the power of the Resurrection, the church lies helpless before a resurgent Islam. Without Resurrection power, secularism tightens its grip on culture.

I've been reading blogs by Presbyterian Church (USA) pastors. On one end, there's "Classical Presbyterian" by Toby Brown; on the other, there's "Shuck and Jive" by John Shuck. What this shows is the incredible vastness of the theological range within the PCUSA. Diversity can be a source of strength, but the diversity within this denomination is of such enormous proportions that it loses cohesion, meaning and purpose. It is unable to answer the question, "Who are we?" If it cannot answer that question, then logically the next one is, "Why continue as a denomination?" Inability to answer the all-important "Who-are-we" question, or to ignore it, must surely be a leading cause of the PCUSA's 40-year decline.

Ho hum.

Hey LayMANites, here is my Easter sermon. See if you can sniff out any heresies.

Long live the Easter Bunny! He is risen indeed!