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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The IRD's Noodly Appendages

The IRD has more noodly appendages than the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I failed to mention the Biblical Witness Fellowship. This is the appendage that noodles the UCC. This is from the UCC News Blog:

Biblical Witness Fellowship (BWF), for those who don't know, is a group aligned with the Institute on Religion and Democracy, a conservative political group whose stated mission is to "reform mainline churches." And by "reform" they mean destroy. IRD has spent millions of dollars over the years trying to discredit church leaders - upset over positions taken by mainline churches related to the war in Iraq (IRD supports it) or global warming (IRD doesn't believe global warming is real). They are so far to the right that they often criticize the Religious Right for not being conservative enough. BWF, a group formed to fight the UCC's pro-choice stance and that has worked to oppose basic civil rights for gays and lesbians, is part of IRD's so-called "Association for Church Renewal."

The UCC is under investigation by the IRS. The UCC News Blog asked, "Who filed the complaint?" There are various theories.

Mystical Seeker asked this question:

Since Jim Berkley claims that everything that the IRD does is completely transparent, I am sure he would be happy to answer a simple question.

Was the IRD (or its UCC arm, the Biblical Witness Fellowship) involved in any way with the IRS complaint that was recently filed against the UCC?

Yes, definitely? No, definitely not? Or--you don't know for sure?