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Saturday, February 09, 2008

What Would You Do with $720 Million?

Thanks to First Presby, Rebecca for this:

What Would A Wisdom-Based Culture Do With $720 Million Per Day?

Every day $720 million dollars are spent on the war in Iraq. It is useful to consider how a wisdom-based culture would prioritize these expenditures of our tax dollars. Here are eight other options identified by the American Friends Service Committee as alternatives to war:

* Build 6482 homes for American families
* Build 84 new elementary schools
* Provide 34,904 four-year scholarships
* Hire 12,478 elementary school teachers
* Place 95,364 children in Head Start
* Develop renewable energy in 1,274,336 homes
* Provide 1,153,846 children with free school lunches
* Provide 423,529 children with healthcare

Which would you rather have your tax money going toward: one day of war or one of these other options? This year's presidential election is critical in determining America's future. You decide where your tax dollars should be spent.