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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Georgia Attempts to Take Over Tennessee

I am getting a gun. That is it. Homophobes are trying to take over the church and Republicans in Georgia are trying to move the border! This is in today's Johnson City Press:

ATLANTA — Thirsting for more water in the midst of a drought, Georgia lawmakers took a step Wednesday toward moving the state line and tapping into a powerful river in a neighboring state.
The Senate unanimously approved a resolution Wednesday asserting that a flawed 1818 survey mistakenly placed Georgia’s northern line just short of the mighty Tennessee River. The measure also calls for the governor to establish a commission to sort out the dispute.
The House later voted 136-26 to pass a similar plan, which could soon go to Gov. Sonny Perdue.

[What kind of people elect an official named "Sonny?"]

The legislation alone can’t move the state line — and it doesn’t neccessarily seek to do so. Instead, it claims the current boundaries are drawn wrong, and that Georgia and Congress never agreed upon them.
Short of a legal challenge, though, any likely border change would likely require an agreement between Congress and the states. And
that’s a long-shot prospect scoffed at by Tennessee officials.

[I am still gettin' a gun].

An adviser to Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen on Wednesday called the proposal “absurd,” and state Rep. Gerald McCormick suggested it was a “ridiculous waste of taxpayer money.”
“It’s the silliest thing I’ve ever seen any
group of Republicans do. I’m embarrassed that they would embarrass the party like that,” said McCormick, a
Republican from Chattanooga, a Tennessee town just north of the state line. “They’re idiots.”