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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Evil-ution, That's What It Is!!

How is it that this guy gets an article and a letter to the editor? My colleague down the street (the same one who got an article about himself on Saturday) wrote a letter to the Elizabethton Star. It was published yesterday. Here is a portion of his wisdom:

For thousands of years man has been smart enough to accept what the Bible says in Genesis 1 and 2 about the beginning of the universe. Just because a man named Charles Darwin had some sort of epiphany as he watched a bear swimming across a lake and came up with the survival of the fittest, natural selection and the theory of evolution does not mean we should toss out what we know to be the truth and heritage of the Word of God. Besides, it is said that Charles Darwin before he died regretted and rescinded his theory of evolution. Last I checked, evolution is still just a theory. No one has ever come up with an actual fact that proves evolution to be true. For those of you who continually call evolution a fact of science, then show us the facts! We need true facts, not just someone's speculation or some far out postulation.

First Presbyterian Church in recent days has pushed to recognize evolution as a fact of science and for that reason have even decided to take what man says over God's infallible Word. To this we say how foolish and anti-God that position is. It is not our job as Christians to discredit the Word of God, neither is it our place to attempt to back up man's theories. (Read More--if you dare!)