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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We Need a Catchy Slogan for Our Anniversary

First Presbyterian is celebrating 225 years. It was actually last year, but we are going to keep partying until we are plumb tuckered out. We need a slogan. It is a fill in the blank kind of thing.

First Presbyterian Church of Elizabethton: 225 Years of _________________

I suggested:
225 Years of Raising Hell.

It was promptly rejected by our committee on slogans. Sandra, inspired by Dr. Monkey suggested:
225 Years of Making Baby Jesus Cry.

The committee hasn't see that one yet. However, the odds of acceptance do not look good. Other suggestions from church members that are far more tasteful, include:
225 years of Truth Seeking in Tennessee
225 years of Souls Seeking Truth
225 years of Soul Searching in Northeast Tennessee
225 years of Continuing Quest
All right, kids. You knew it was coming. What is your suggestion for our slogan?