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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy 2008, everyone!

Happy New Year to all who subscribe to S&J, who read but don't comment, who read but send private e-mails, who agree, who disagree, who blog, who are members of my church and are amused by the whole thing and who wonder, "What the heck is he doing!?!?!"

Thanks to all of my regular and semi-regular comment makers (and those who just can't seem to get regular--there are medications). You have made this blog worthwhile! This means you...

Mystical Seeker, Flycandler, Jodie, Rob, Bobby, Dr. Monkey, Onesmallstep, Snad, both Pastors Bob, Drew, Grace, TN420, Viola and the consistory (Toby, Dave, Chris, John, Bill, & Will), Bill42, Olympiada, Rachel, Scott, Twain, Alan, Aric, Doug, Heather, Rebecca, Gordbrown, Eileen, Madpriest, Sara, John McN, Iwasjustthinking, Alex, Jim J., and that was just December! Thanks to you, if you have commented and I failed to name you. The angels know.

I wish you ALL a meaningful, joyful, peaceful, 2008!

Take Care and Take Risks,