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Friday, December 14, 2007

Rev Gal Friday Five

I haven't played Friday Five in a while. Mother Laura has a good one for this week:

Can you believe that in two days we'll be halfway through Advent? Gaudete Sunday: pink candle on the advent wreath, rose vestments for those who have them, concerts and pageants in many congregations. Time to rejoice!

Rejoice in the nearness of Christ's coming, yes, but also in the many gifts of the pregnant waiting time when the world (in the northern hemisphere, at least) spins ever deeper into sweet, fertile darkness.

What makes you rejoice about:

1. Waiting?

Ironically, it reminds me that there is no need to wait for anything. Holy waiting is not impatient anxiety, but joy by being present to what is.

2. Darkness?

Discovering, acknowledging, accepting, and embracing my shadow, those parts of me that I don't want to reveal to others or myself is healing and transformative.

3. Winter?

Rest. Rejuvenate. Read. Knowing that life is ready to burst forth.

4. Advent?

It is a season rich in metaphors which makes for deep worship. It is a time to voice our dreams.

5. Jesus' coming?

He is already here if we would open our eyes.

Thanks Mother Laura!