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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Of the Fed, By the Fed, and For the Fed

Rachel has been challenging some of my assumptions about life in America.

(I have updated this initial post to be clear that these are the views of the film, not mine):

She has invited Shuck and Jivers to view America: From Freedom to Fascism. It is produced by film director, Aaron Russo (
Trading Places, The Rose, Teachers).

The film is one hour 51 minutes, but it is fast-paced. Here is a 37 minute interview with Russo about the film.

According to the film:

1) Our government is controlled by the Federal Reserve, which is not an arm of government, but a collection of private banks.

2) The Internal Revenue Service, responsible for collecting income taxes, does not do so lawfully. Meaning there is no law requiring Americans to file a 1040.

For a critique of the film particularly laws regarding income tax, go here. It is important to read this before you decide not to file your taxes.

There is a great deal more in this film which I found to be very disturbing. The film does have a paranoid/conspiratorial feel to it. But as the crazy man said: "Just because you are paranoid, it doesn't mean they are not after you."

I think it is worth a watch, regardless of your politics. At the least it will encourage you to research more on your own. Check it out!