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Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanks to Rev. Jane Spahr

Here is a nice article about Rev. Janie Spahr in the Pacific Sun (Marin County, CA). I loved the headline: Rev. Janie Spahr is going to change the Presbyterian Church if she has to marry every gay and lesbian couple in the nation!

Preach it, Sister! The article tells her story, her recent court cases (church court, that is) and of her compassion for those who are left out.

The article begins:

When she was 12 and captain of her softball team, the Rev. Janie Spahr intentionally picked the players usually chosen last. Even as a child, she reached out to the disenfranchised and preached that everyone deserves a chance.

"When you're not picked, you know how you feel," the 65-year-old Presbyterian minister says with trademark tenderness. "Everybody has within them greatness. My greatest wish is that people will see their own greatness and believe it."

I also just ran across this website-- The LGBT Religious Archives Network. Here is what it is about in a sentence:

The LGBT Religious Archives Network (LGBT-RAN) is an innovative venture in preserving history and encouraging scholarly study of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) religious movements around the world.

And while I am on the topic a thank you from Michael Adee and Bear Ride from More Light Presbyterians for your speaking out (in whatever way you do so) for inclusivity.