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Saturday, November 03, 2007

New Winos Are All About Jesus

The Layman and I are having a fun little chat. They have printed twelve letters of folks critical of my ministry. One even included the e-mail of my EP so tattlers wouldn't have to do the hard work of searching for it. I voluntarily met with my COM and EP over this nonsense and my ministry has been affirmed unanimously, of course. So what is next fellas?

Yesterday The Layman printed a letter from Tom Gray and reposted one of my blog entries. The Layman has never found a schismatic it didn't like and the new winebibbers are the latest vintage.

Tom Gray of Kirk of the Hills in Tulsa is one. He has decided to follow Jesus and to move his congregation to the fundamentalist EPC denomination. Whether or not the EPC will remain holy enough for him or other "tall steeple pastors" remains to be seen.

One commenter on this blog insightfully suggested that these big steeple boys (and they are all boys) will eventually go totally independent. They will then have their own little feifdoms without any responsibility to the denomination that provided the infrastructure for their congregations or even to the new denomination which they will use and leave on their way to independence. No responsibility and no accountability is the Promised Land. In their words, "unfettered."

Rev. Dr. G. Henry Wells, senior pastor of Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church (the site of the winebibbing conference) was quoted in the Layman article, "Let My People Go!"

"We are not leaving the PCUSA just to be leaving," he said, "but so we can do ministry unfettered and let God do His work in us where we are planted. We're going beyond denominational stuff," Wells said. "We're all about Jesus."

Now these poor tall steeple Moses caricatures so oppressed under the Pharoah of Louisville are trying to get sympathy for their cause. Somehow each reasons that the tall steeple he happens to currently serve is his own steeple. Shame on the PCUSA for thinking differently and for seeing to the stewardship of the whole of the Church.

The New Wineskins is aptly named all right as a temporary container for big steeple preachers drunk on their own power.

Oh, right, they're all about Jesus.