Shuck and Jive

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Name That Shuck!

We have had fun naming the New Whiners. Now is your opportunity to name the Shuck!

These are selected from recent letters in Presbyweb and the Layman. In addition to offensive, mocker, blasphemer, heretic, and apostate, some of the names were quite clever.

Go to the poll at the right and vote your favorite description for John Shuck from these four:

  1. Demonically Possessed Defiance (Layman, Oct. 12)
  2. A Secular Humanist in Sheep's Clothes (Layman, Oct. 12)
  3. Left-Leaning Gadfly (Layman, Oct. 12)
  4. A Full-Fledged Child of the Enlightenment (Presbyweb, Aug. 14)

Happy Voting!