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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Time to Vote for the Worst 80s Song!

The Nominations are closed and you have until Thursday evening to vote for the worst 80s song. Vote to the right of this blog. Here are the candidates. Vote for more than one if you wish! Be sure to watch the videos so you can be an informed voter!

  1. Lee Greenwood--God Bless the USA
  2. Toni Basil--Hey Mickey!
  3. Styx--Mr. Roboto
  4. Hall and Oates--I Can't Go for That
  5. Michael Jackson--Beat It
  6. Men Without Hats--Safety Dance
  7. Conway Twitty--Slow Hand
  8. Wang Chung--Everybody Have Fun Tonight
  9. Various--We Are the World
  10. Night Ranger--Sister Christian
  11. Billy Squier--The Stroke
  12. Winger--Seventeen