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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Schismatics in the PCUSA

Welcome to all of you linking from the Layman. Folks get a little touchy being called schismatic. But if the shoe fits...

What is a schismatic? From

1.Also, schis·mat·i·cal. of, pertaining to, or of the nature of schism; guilty of schism.
2.a person who promotes schism or is an adherent of a schismatic body.

What is schism?

schism noun
1.division or disunion, esp. into mutually opposed parties.
2.the parties so formed.
a.a formal division within, or separation from, a church or religious body over some doctrinal difference.
b.the state of a sect or body formed by such division.
c.the offense of causing or seeking to cause such a division.

Here is a helpful bit about divisions within the church from Religious Tolerance with more on schismatics.

The New Wineskins by the above definitions is a schismatic movement. The key to a schismatic movement is that it thinks it possesses the absolute truth and it thrives on pointing out what it thinks is heresy and apostasy in others. Then it feels self-justified in causing division with other Christians over these supposed heresies and encourages formal separation from the body.

Here is an example of a schismatic. His activities have not (yet) been "reported."