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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Peace Rally Video and other Peace Things...

Student newspaper, The East Tennessean is having a good conversation about the war in its letters to the editor. This is what the rally was about, to get people talking. Here are a couple of letters with differing views:

Republicans' Record and

Responsibility in Iraq

(To read the East Tennessean on-line you need to register, but it is free).

Sandra at ConcernedTNCitizens has posted a new video of the peace march and rally. Nicely edited. It includes video of the speech I gave at the rally.

Sandra also includes some other announcements:

1) This weekend, beginning Thursday, Oct. 11, The Southern Appalachian International Film Festival takes place in Johnson City and Jonesborough. One of the films to be shown is the powerful documentary " The Ground Truth". Thanks to Concerned TN Citizen Keith for being a part of the SOAPIFF and for passing word on to the group!

2 ) We have a great new video of the END THE WAR March and Rally from September 29. Click here to view it! Thanks to Concerned TN Citizen Bill for the great video!

3 ) Iraq Moratorium events will occur on Friday, October 19, throughout the region. This is a monthly action that takes place on the 3rd Friday of each month. This month we will be helping Congress "Draw the Line" on the war in Iraq. Keep an eye out for details at Concerned TN Citizens. Thanks to Concerned TN Citizen Bonnie H. for the great idea!

4) Depleted Uranium rally in Jonesborough on October 27. Check here for details. It has been suggested that we have an END THE WAR feeder march tie into this event or organize a car-pool or van to the UFPJ End the War Mobilization in DC. Please reply to this email if you would like to be involved in a feeder march or a trip to DC. Thanks to First Tennessee Progressives co-founder and Concerned TN Citizen Linda for working with UFPJ on this event in Jonesborough!

Thanks Sandra!