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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Winos Are Too Holy for PCUSA

The Layman is gushing over the latest tent meeting of the New Wineskins Convocation. The New Winos are a clergy-led group of fundamentalists who can't possibly be in the same denomination as THE GAY. The Layman reported on this speech from Noel Anderson of Bakersfield, CA. He had a list of things that are wrong with the PCUSA including "bad theology."

Under the heading of bad theology, he said the PCUSA is suffering from theological amnesia, where the "progressives push for a God of no boundaries. This is decapitated Christology, a theology that has caved in to a culture of hopeless relativisms."

With this theology, Anderson said, the claims of truth "have been reduced to mere opinions and morality adds up to no more than your particular set of personal preferences. Many Presbyterians really believe that God says nothing other than what we put in His mouth."

Within this heading, he said, was tolerance, which many people "believe to be a kind of solution, but has rather become a symptom and a chief irritant of the cultural crisis." (Read More)
Now that is one big pile of bullshit. But you have to say something to justify wanting to become your own pope of a new church organization.

What is this organization exactly? I am not really sure. The Winos seem to be members of both the PCUSA and one its many breakoffs, the EPC (which is fundy but not quite as fundy as other Presbyterian groups like the PCA, the OPC, the ARPC, the RPCNA, or the URCNA). Like the Winos, all of these are too holy for the PCUSA (and often too holy for each other).

Are they really leaving? Who knows. Some have. Others might. My guess is that the vast majority will continue to hang around and try to push their holiness onto the rest of us and then whine and complain and stomp their feet when the rest of us really don't want what they are pushing.