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Friday, October 05, 2007

Letters to Editor Critical of JC Press

Three well written letters in today's Johnson City Press criticized the newspaper for publishing the names, addresses, and photos of the men who were scapegoated in Johnson City's morality play. It appears that a great number of people are disturbed by this event. This article (also in today's Press) tells of more humiliation and loss of employment. Apparently, more is to come. The paper said:
The undercover investigation, conducted primarily at Buffalo Mountain and Winged Deer, is just the beginning for authorities, who say homosexual activities there have become a “serious problem.” (italics mine)
Apparently the police are going to be slicing more tomatoes with chain saws. The police only do what they think the public wants. Apparently, the police think that the public is in the mood for a good old fashioned lynching. In the Old Testament. a goat was used as the ritualistic bearer of the tribe's sins. Scapegoating homosexuals by cleaning up the parks of all the queers must make us feel pretty righteous about ourselves.

I am curious. How far will the police take this? Would two men or two women holding hands in the park be considered "homosexual activities" that are a "serious problem?" What about what appears to be a family (a woman and a man and kids), and the parents give each other a kiss or cuddle on the blanket while the kids play. Is that heterosexual activity that may be a serious problem? What if the two parents are two men or two women? Is that a difference?

The Kingsport Times-News on-line paper allows readers to respond to the articles. This article will lead you to others. Sex sting results in suspensions of Bluff City teacher, Johnson City school employee; Rogersville pastor resigns.

You may find the comments both depressing and hopeful on occasion.

We have a lot to talk about in Johnson City.