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Friday, August 10, 2007

Banning Gays from Church Membership

Rev. Jim Berkley of the IRD posted an opinion on his blog, Officially for Presbyterians is Homosexual Practice Sin? As I understand his argument, he suggests that the PCUSA's policy also applies to unrepentant practicing gays to be members. I posted the following comment:


I applaud your straightforwardness here. I think your decision is quite logical. I argued your viewpoint in 2001, although from a 180 degree perspective. I also commented on this policy last year.

I hope you will move forward with this. It may finally wake up the moderates so we can remove this hateful policy at the 2008 General Assembly.

By the way, I will soon make a comment about this on my blog.

Grace and Peace,

The latest move from the right (if Jim's viewpoints are shared more widely) is to affirm congregations that do not want gays as members let alone officers. It appears that the movement is to ban gays from membership, let alone ordination, in PCUSA churches.

Truthfully, I think Jim's movement is an uphill battle. But it is time for the PCUSA to remove these harmful, hateful, anti-Christ policies. Be bold.