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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Will the True Church Please Rise?

April DeConick has been writing a nice series on history and theology over at Forbidden Gospels. As I was looking for those, I saw that she just published an analysis of the Pope's statement regarding who is true mother church and who is not, who are real Christians and who are not. Funny how these arguments sound the same from one supposed keeper of the keys to another.

It was her earlier posts I was looking for. Here she writes far more eloquently than I regarding the differences between theological and historical work.

Here is a nice summary of posts regarding the resurrection. You should read them all! Have We Decided Anything about the Resurrection?

I am bummed that this one slipped under my radar. James Tabor and B. Diane Lipsett are just down the road in Asheville, NC the week of July 22-28 for a great seminar entitled: The Stuff of Life: What Texts and Archaeology Tell Us about the Everyday World of the Earliest Christians

I'm outta con ed money and time. Wish I had planned ahead! Maybe you can make it.