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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fun with the MadPriest

I need to introduce you to a blog I enjoy from MadPriest, an Anglican priest. It is quite amusing. Yet as I read his blog, I realize how important it was for us Americans to get our independence.

For instance, the title of his blog is Of Course, I Could Be Wrong. What kind of title is that? That is all very polite and British. A good red-blooded American would title it
I am goddam right, you godless pinko.

Then, get a load of his address:

Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Where in the motherland is that? Just a few hundred furlongs beyond Big Ben then right at Mr. McGregor's garden?

In the great US of A, we have states and then cities and towns.

Finally, what is the deal about cricket? Is that really a sport? Give me NASCAR any day.