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Monday, April 18, 2011

Remaining Schedule for Amendment A

Here are the presbyteries yet to vote. This chart will be updated and you'll find it on the top of the side bar under Countdown to 87!

Here is the schedule with each 2008-09 vote in parentheses followed by what we hope will happen!

Florida (41-46) Flip YES! 49-36
Lehigh (60-46-2) Hold YES! 68-48-1

Missouri River Valley (50-41-6) Hold YES! 52-39-4
National Capital (222-102-1) Hold YES! 204-80-4

Foothills (34-99) Miracle Flip No 64-95

St. Andrew (30-50) Flip No 24-40

Middle Tennessee (95-139-1) Flip YES! 93-86-1
Peaks (74-136) Miracle Flip No 89-117-5

Plains and Peaks (41-60) Flip YES! 73-51
Dakota (no voice) Miracle Flip No?

Pacific (100-90-3) Hold YES! 102-60-2
Twin Cities (138-54-10) Hold YES! 205-56-3
New Harmony (20-99) Miracle Flip No 28-72
Prospect Hill (12-63) Miracle Flip No 22-44
San Gabriel (79-136) Miracle Flip No 92-92
Western Kentucky (17-42) Miracle Flip No 26-37

Boise (25-34) Flip YES! 37-27

Des Moines (52-37) Hold YES! 64-29-2
Charlotte (133-124) Hold YES! 162-154
New York City (76-25) Hold YES! 89-31-5
West Jersey (88-80) Hold No 67-67
Shenango (4-101) Miracle Flip No Voice

Homestead (37-40-3) Flip Yes! 46-29
Sheppards and Lapsley (77-75) Hold Yes! 80-52
Los Ranchos (35-143) Miracle Flip No 51-131

Rapture and Earth's Destruction Postponed Until October (Plenty of time for the remaining presbyteries to vote YES on 10A!).
San Juan (no voice) No?

Missouri Union (31-48) Flip YES! 43-38
Western New York (66-48) Hold YES! 77-44

Peace River (62-83-1) Flip No 65-79-2
Hanmi (1-30) No?

Vote Tally 96-75

Providence (39-48-4) Flip

Kiskiminetas (34-70) Miracle Flip

Unknown Date
Midwest Hanmi (?) Not voting so No
Suroeste (0-41) No


Kattie W. Coon said...

Oh John, of course we'll have at least 87 votes before the Rapture (May 21). What do you think brings it on? Bwahahahaha...

John Shuck said...

: ) But of course!

John Shuck said...

Florida Flips!

Votes YES on Amendment A, 49-36!

Tally 81-59.

John Shuck said...

Lehigh YES, 68-48-1!

Tally 82-59.

Five more to go!

Robert W Lowry said...

I think you can move st andrew and mid Tennessee to miracle flip.

John Shuck said...

Well, I believe in nothing if not miracles! : )

John Shuck said...

National Capital YES, 204-80-4

Missouri River Valley YES, 52-39-4

Tally 84-59.

Three more to go!

John Shuck said...

Foothills no, 64-95

Increased equality vote from last time.

Tally 84-60.

Robert W Lowry said...

I do hope you are right about the miracle in St. Andrews. It is a great presbytery with some committed people working for change. We should know in a few hours.

John Shuck said...

I was just being silly. I am not predicting a flip (miracle or otherwise) but hoping for one! Regardless of the outcome, the opportunity to speak for what is right is good to take.

John Shuck said...

St. Andrew no, 24-40.

Tally = 84-61.

John Shuck said...

Peaks no, 89-117-5

Middle Tennessee YES FLIP 93-86-1

Tally 85-62.

Robert W Lowry said...

I stand happily corrected on Middle Tennessee!

John Shuck said...

Plains and Peaks, YES! 73-51


Tally is 86-62.

Just one YES left!

John Shuck said...

New Harmony no, 28-72

Tally 86-63.

John Shuck said...

Western Kentucky, no 26-37

Tally 86-64.

John Shuck said...

Twin Cities YES!! 205-56-3

Amendment A PASSES!!

Tally 87-64.

John Shuck said...

Pacific YES! 102-60-2
Prospect Hill, no 22-44
San Gabriel no 92-92

Tally 88-66.

William said...

This vote in the Twin Cities follows the 2003 Episcopal General Convention in Minneapolis, where the ordination of Gene Robinson as bishop was confirmed, and the 2009 ELCA Convention, where barriers to gay ordination were lifted for that denomination, and of course the 2010 General Assembly in Minneapolis.

Guess we're in for some extra fire and brimstone on May 21 here in Minnesota!

John Shuck said...

Boise YES A FLIP 37-27

Tally, 89-66.

John Shuck said...

Des Moines YES 64-29-2!

Tally 90-66!!

John Shuck said...

Charlotte YES 162-154.

Tally 91-66.

John Shuck said...

New York City YES 89-31-5

Tally 92-66.

John Shuck said...

West Jersey NO 67-67 (from previous vote in March).

Tally 92-67.

John Shuck said...

Shenango No voice vote.

Tally 92-68.

Kattie W. Coon said...

WooHoo!!! It's a clean sweep for Alabama! Sheppards and Lapsley 80 - 52.

With this kind of power, we'll thwart the Rapture for sure.

John Shuck said...

Sheppards and Lapsley YES! 80-52.

Tally 93-68.

John Shuck said...

The State of Alabama is the engine on the justice train!

John Shuck said...

Homestead YES and a FLIPPER! 46-29!

Tally 94-68!

John Shuck said...

Los Ranchos no, 51-131.

Tally 94-69.

Kattie W. Coon said...

It's working, It's working, the Grand Left Wing, Gay Agenda Conspiracy is Working!!!

In our utter defiance, we are, so far, being completely successful in beating back the Rapture in time zone after time zone!

John Shuck said...

Missouri Union FLIPS! YES! 43-38

Tally 95-69

John Shuck said...

The Lord's judgment on 5/21 was "spiritual" in the heavens. Earth's final destruction postponed to October!

Plenty of time to vote YES on 10A and to make overtures to the GA regarding marriage equality!

John Shuck said...

Western NY YES 77-44.

Tally 96-69.

John Shuck said...

Peace River, no 65-79-2

Tally 96-74.

John Shuck said...

Suroeste no
Midwest Hanmi not voting so no
San Juan no?
Dakota no?

tally (probably) 96-74

John Shuck said...

I am guessing Hanmi voted no.

I am going with a tally of 96-75 with two left to vote, Providence and Kiskimenetas.

Final tally will be one of the following: